I RACE VISION Horse Racing Software Review


Software [Rating:5.0]

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I have now completed 13 weeks from the actual date I started using I RACE VISION and 11 weeks proofing to BST.

I now bring my trial of I RACE VISION to a close.


The I RACE VISION software is a very useful tool in aiding those investors who need to have a wealth of form reading filters at their fingertips. Application of various filters can be carried out speedily and I am sure the software may well be worth the monthly subscription to some of you for these features alone.

My unofficial review and proofing centres only on the “included free within the software”, “Dark Horse” lay system.

It can plainly be seen from the results posted by me each Sunday that the free lay system is profitable only provided it is strictly kept to laying at no greater than BF odds to lay of 6.00.

I also use the “tweak” (this being the disqualification of a bet if any one of the first 3 horses in the betting forecast has less than 8 career race starts). This has improved the strike rate of profitable bets overall and proved to be a prudent additional filter.

Based on my start date 2 weeks prior to my commencing proofing to BST you would have realised 230.5 points profit from the net 510 qualifying selections. Total of 460 successful lays and 50 unsuccessful for a 90.20% strike rate

You have to factor in the cost of the subscription and this is not inexpensive to say the least at £149 for LIFETIME access. Which can be split into 3 easy £58 payments spread 30 days apart.

It obviously depends greatly on how much per point you are playing as to what you determine the actual value to you is to subscribe and profit. However, based on the evidence, by employing discipline and patience you can see that you will indeed profit over time.

£10 per 1 point level stakes will yield approaching and most likely surpassing £10,000 per annum based on the result of this trial.

I hope you have found this trial and information useful and I wish you all a profitable journey going forward in your punting endeavours.

This ultimately is a software review and this is better than anything else out there for your statistical research! Its Bang Tidy! Software [Rating:5.0]

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Cheers and bye for now,

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