Ace Betting Club – Final Review


Ace Betting Club


I have put Ace Betting Club in the failed section.

Hi Bloggers,

So we come to the end of the 56 day review on ‘Ace Betting Club‘.

This was a tipping service from Ian Hudson giving daily tips on tennis matches around the world in the form of win single bets.

These were emailed daily with 4 or 5 tips per day sometimes. This was quite a frustrating review due to the inconsistency factor throughout.

We had some nice winning days, but obviously there were many losing days as well, hence the negative figures below. I was in 2 minds whether to continue the review to the 84 day mark or not, but could see no real reason for this, other than to continue to report winners, then losers the day after!

The tips were simply not good enough. The staking plan consisted of betting between 1 and 10 pts on each selection, and this could have been another factor why it fell down. I don’t remember any selections having a 10pt stake, I think the highest was 8 pts on just 1 selection in the 56 days. A possible area to look into for future ‘try outs’ perhaps.

No problems with the customer service aspect, as Ian was always very responsive and courteous to deal with when answering emails, etc.

I wish Ian every success in the future with further projects, but unfortunately I have to put ‘Ace Betting Club‘ to bed now and move on with other reviews.

Staking 1 to 10pts on each selection

Start Balance: 200pts

Final Balance: 197.18pts

Level Stakes staking plan:
Start Balance: 100pts
Final Balance: 100.24pts

All the best,

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