Betfair Success Formula – Day 84

29th October 2011

Sgt Rich reviews Betfair Success Formula

I chose 2 matches today.

Chelsea v Arsenal was an incredible see-saw match but was 2-1 at half time for a profit of +0.35 points

Valencia v Getafe was also 2-1 at half time for a profit of +0.96 points

In summary, the strategy has had 50 winning days, 14 losing days and 20 no bet days. I’ve done 91 matches with 74 of them making a profit.

Day P/L: +1.31 points

Cumulative P/L: + 109.35 points

Cumulative Bank (100 point start): 209.35 points

That’s the end of the 84 day review where I have analysed matches on 84 separate days. I’ve doubled my bank. Final Review to follow.

Sgt Rich Reviewing Betfair Success Formula

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