Betfan F1 Race 19

06th December2014

 Betfan F1

Sgt Lucian Reviews Betfan F1

My apologies for delay.
Hamilton manage to get the victory at Abu Dhabi and he is the champion this season.

Here are the bets for Abu Djabi race:

Review Results starting with Race 2:

Start Bank : 250 points

Race 18 Bank: 282.33 Points

Sunday 23rd November 2014
2 Points Button Top Six Finish 5/6 Win 1.67
2 Points Alonso Top Six Finish 5/6 Loss -2.00
Rosberg to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – 3 points 6/4 Loss -3.00

Overall P/L//: +29.00 points

Final Bank : 279.00 Points

WIN P/L/: -3.33 points

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review. Soon will follow final review.

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Sgt Lucian Reviews Betfan F1