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25th Sept 2011


Sgt Rich reviews Betting Profits

I think this is a good time to close down this review. Two consecutive losses show some frailty with this system and I’m not sure at all about the validity of now only reviewing my own adaptation/system. That doesn’t seem to be the main purpose of our website. I failed the software and the basic systems some time ago.

Here’s what I said after Day 56 of the review of Betting Profits which costs £17.

The 56-day review period is over and we are in a very strange position. The software that I am reviewing is failed, as far as I am concerned.

The software works out odds, based upon trying to make more profit when the shorter priced selection wins. It is a simple piece of software, but there are faults with it. For example if you select total stakes of 100 points, the stakes are worked out automatically, but don’t always total up to exactly 100! Also sometimes the predicted profit is not correct when you check it on a normal calculator.

The software doesn’t install correctly as per the manual and you have to find the path to the program because the shortcuts don’t work or are not created. Then it stopped working when I upgraded to a Windows 7 laptop. I contacted the vendor to report the problem and never got a reply! I thought I was going to have to abandon the review but worked out a fix of my own, to work around the fact that the software wouldn’t load standardly. Although the software is cheap, that doesn’t excuse the fact that it is flaky around the edges.

For the soccer matches, I compared the profits achieved by the software’s recommended stakes, versus a simple dutching of the selections to earn an even profit whatever the successful selection. I used the free arbcruncher website to do this and over the 56 days it has consistently produced higher profit using flat dutching than the varied stakes of Betting Profits.

Therefore I have to conclude that the software is worse to use and produces less profit than the free arbcruncher.

There are three “systems” included in the manual that comes with the software. The boxing and horse racing systems have made a loss and so are also failed. The manual gives some general suggestions as regards soccer, rather than system rules. Because the advice was non-specific, I decided to formulate some fixed rules for soccer, based upon the advice in the manual and including some of my ideas. This is so far, a successful system. So after 56 days we have a failed piece of software and generally failed systems accompanying it and we are left simply reviewing my own system.

I think, personally it would be better for someone else to review my system, but we have linked it to the Betting Profits product and made it available to those who purchase the software.

This soccer system is producing profit, but the strange position is that it is basically my system, adapted from the Betting Profits advice. So we have ended up reviewing my system rather than Betting Profits!

Anyway, for now, we will continue the review for the soccer and drop the other failed systems. Matches are getting harder to find due to it coming to the end of the season and many matches are not properly competitive. Anyway we’ll see how it continues.

Since then I’ve continued with only my adaptation of the Soccer advice and without using the software. I’ve done 12 more soccer matches, with 9 winning bets and 3 losing bets – which is a 75% strike rate and a loss of -64.74 points. This shows the frailty of the system and how it requires a high strike rate.

There is every chance it would continue making a profit, in the long run, but I can’t recommend it. Maybe one day the adapted system could be tested by another independent reviewer, but for now I want to close this off with a “fail” for the basic product as sold.

As regards the adapted system, we have had, in total, bets on 68 soccer matches with 53 winning bets and 15 losing bets, which is a 78% strike rate.

Here are the totals so far for flat dutching without the software, up to day 66:

Soccer Dutching
Day P/L -100.00
Cumulative P/L 416.31
Cumulative Bank (1,000 points start) 1416.31

Here’s the graph showing all three systems and the continued flat dutching system.

Betting Profits

These are the results we achieved for the three basic systems, up to day 56:

Soccer Racing Boxing

Cumulative P/L 426.88 -441.27 -236.72
Cumulative Bank (1,000 points start) 1426.88 558.73 763.28

The racing had 23 winning bets and 13 losing ones – a 64% strike rate for a loss of -441.27 points.

The boxing had 2 winning bets and 3 losing ones – a 40% strike rate for a loss of -236.72 points.

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Sgt Rich reviewing Betting Profits