Champion Draws- Introduction

Hi Bloggers,

No rest for the wicked!

So I start my latest review back on the old ‘footie’. This will be a review of the latest

service from the ‘Champion Lays’ team and we shall concentrate on- you guessed

it… DRAWS!

There is currently a free trial with this service which will last until the 1st DEC.

I have actually been watching the trial since the 24th Oct and will continue to

report results from the 1st DEC.

The matches are emailed usually twice a week and are designated either

‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ or ‘D’ status depending on the previous results.

We shall be betting from 9 major leagues around the world.

I will start wth a bank of 100 pts and bet progressively  as follows:

‘A’ bets –  3% of bank

‘B’ bets –  6% of bank

‘C’ bets –  9% of bank

‘D’ bets –  12 % of bank

Just to update you on the results so far from OCT 24th to NOV 21st.

Starting bank =  100 pts

Current P/L =  + 19.91 pts

New bank =  + 119.91 pts

There are 2 matches today which I shall report on later.

All the best, Tommy.                (click here to see champion draws…)