Daves Pro Golf Selections  Week 8      January  18th to 23rd 

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        Well on to Week 8 this covered the Bob Hope Classic and Abu Dhabi HSBC Open we had 5 each way  selections given for each tournament , this was reduced to 4 in the Bob Hope as T Clarke was a non starter. On to the results  in the Bob Hope the service managed a joint second in B Haas at 22/1 who was beaten in the play offs, the other 3 were out of the frame. In the Abu Dhabi HSBC Open a second place for R Mc Ilroy at 11/1 was the best the service could manage here as well the remaining selections finished out of the places, for the Abu Dhabi we also had a total of 8 lays of which 6 were successful, one of these was a lucky one due to P Harrington being disqualified overall a loss of 4 points. In Week 7 i raised the subject of not been able to get odds or any betting for the lays, no such problem this week but the lay odds quoted in the e-mail for Day 1 actually matched the Back Odds the lay odds were higher,for example the losing lay for Mc  Gowan was at 2.98 Back Odds (The odds quoted in the e-mail for Lay price) and as i only see 8.00 for the Lays thats what i have to go on, for E Molinari the back odds were 3.2 (Once again as quoted in the e-mail for Lay price) the actual Lay odds were 3.7, the same scenario applied the remaining 2 lay bets on Day 1, no odds were quoted for Day 2  Lays.  Breakdown for the week is below and i shall be giving my Final Review on this one shortly.

Week 8 Odds Result P/L
Bob Hope Classic      
M Kuchar        10/1 Lost -2.00
T Clark                 Did not start 16/1 N/A 0.00
B Haas                  22/1 2nd jt 5.50
B Watson               25/1 Lost -2.00
J Senden                40/1 Lost -2.00
    Total -0.50
Abu Dhabi HSBC Open      
L Westwood 10/1 Lost -2.00
R Mc Ilroy 11/1 2nd 2.75
I Poulter 16/1 Lost -2.00
L Oousthuizen 20/1 Lost -2.00
C Schwartzel 33/1 Lost -2.00
    Total -5.25
2/3 Ball Bets Abu Dhabi HSBC Open      
Day 1 Lay R Mc Gowan 8.00 Lost -7.00
Day 1 Lay P Harrington 4.40 Won 0.95
Day 1 Lay E Molinari 3.70 Lost -2.70
Day 1 Lay S Dodd 4.00 Won 0.95
Day 2 Lay M A Jimenez 4.80 Won 0.95
Day 2 Lay J M Olazabal 5.10 Won 0.95
Day 2 Lay M Wiegele 6.20 Won 0.95
Day 2 Lay M Campbell 13.50 Won 0.95
Main Bets Week 8 = minus 5.75 points      
Cumulative Bank = 162.12 ( minus 37.88)      
2/3 Ball Bets Week 8 = minus 4.00      
Cumulative Bank = 102.68 points (+ 2.68)    


RM Dave

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