Daves Pro Golf Selections Final Review

Well, after trying  Daves Pro Golf Selections for 8 weeks what is the outcome?

smallfailed Daves Pro Golf Selections Final ReviewDaves Pro Golf Selections

Hi Bloggers,

Well with an overall loss on all bets of 35.20 points Daves Pro Golf Selections has to be failed. It is tricky with this kind of service as just one good winner and it would be in profit again, but one can only go on what has happened during the course of the 8 week review. Right on to some facts and figures from our review of Daves Pro Golf Selections. We covered 13 tournaments and so on to the results for the main each ways selections:

Main E.W Selections
Number of Bets 58
2 Winners
2 Second Places
2 Joint Second Places
3 Fourth Places
1 Fourth joint Places
3 Fifth Places
45 Outright Losers

Total Stakes 116 points
P/L minus 37.88 points

As you can see from above we only had 2 winners at 12/1 and 9/1, Daves Pro Golf Selections did have 2 players who got beaten in play offs so came pretty close to winning there. But at the end of the day there were not enough winners or alternatively bigger enough odds winners to make a profit.

Moving on to the lays which have increased in the last 3 weeks now as I mentioned in Week 7,  Daves Pro Golf Selections claimed in an e-mail 9 winning Lays this was correct results wise but from a betting angle impossible as you could not get any odds for 8 of those lays even if you took those into consideration you still have an overall loss of 30.28 points. Another area of concern is when Daves Pro Golf Selections does quote a lay price in its e-mail it is the same as the Back odds and has no relevance to the Lay price; this was actually commented on by one of  our regular blogger’s Ian F. On to the breakdown for the lays:

Lay Selections
Number of Bets 25
17 Winning Lays
5 Losing Lays
3 Tied
Strike Rate 77.28%
P/L minus 3.70

As you can see this showed a loss of 3.70 points now moving to the one area that made a profit during the trial and that is the back bets here is the breakdown for those.

Back Bets
Number of Bets 13
11 Winners
2 Losers
Strike Rate 84.62%
P/L 6.38 points
ROI 26.92%

Considering that the odds on the bets were short not a bad return but unfortunately there was not enough selections to cover the loss of the other two sections. The cost of Daves Pro Golf  Selections is 47 pounds per month or if you take out an annual subscription it will cost you 470 pounds which is just under 40 pound a month, if you were to stake 10 pounds E.W on the main selections and 10 pounds on the Backs and Lays which are really an extra you would find yourself 352 pounds down add the 2 months subscription costs you would find yourself 446 pounds lighter so you really need a 50/1 winner to see a return for your money. As I said at the start it could be just around the corner this week or next, but on the other hand we could be saying that in 4 weeks time. So taking in the overall losses and the question marks on the lays I would have to deem Daves Pro Golf  Selections as failed.



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