Zero Risk Trader Review – December 2013 Update

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1st January 2014


Hi Betting System Truths readers,

The Zero Risk Trader (ZRT) product was reviewed by Betting System Truths for 84 days, finishing on 9th November 2013, and was given the top 5* rating. Since then the review has continued in order to confirm that the product over an extended period of time is still a Betting System Truths 5* rated product. This extended review will complete at the end of September 2014 a full year after the review started using real money.

As you can see from the following table December was a profitable month and in line with my prediction of 2000 points in a year.

Month         Monthly Profit (points)  Total Profit (points) 
December  2013 186.63 522.41
November  2013 207.07 335.78
October     2013 121.20 128.71
September 2013 7.51 7.51

 My detailed staking plan is documented in my final report, for your information I am using £1 a point for the purposes of this review so for the 3 months up to the end of December 2013 ZRT produced a profit of £522.41.

The most often asked question by Betting System Truths readers in response to my review has been whether bookies will restrict the accounts of punters using ZRT. So far I have had 2 of my 13 accounts restricted, the last one being in late November.

Happy New Year  

Sgt Flavell


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Sgt Flavell Reviews Zero Risk Trader