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Rating: ★★★★☆

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I have been trying out Favourite’s Phenomenon since March 8th and overall I have been pretty impressed, as per the website this is not a get rich now method but an investment.  During the trial I have also had the chance to try out the FP Bot and it proved to be very reliable. I think only on one occasion did it let me down, I just simply reinstalled and was back up and running. Out of the 84 days of the review there was 21 days when there was no betting due mainly to the Maximum Potential Loss limits being exceeded or races over lapping. So out of the remaining 63 days only on two days did any of the Levels fail to get the winner the break down of the different Levels is as follows:

Level 1: 62 Days/59 Days won = 95.23% Strike Rate

Level 2: 47 Days /46 Days won = 98.04% Strike Rate

Level 3: 44 Days/ 43 Days won = 97.75% Strike Rate

Of course you could say you are doing stop at winner (SAW) but the winner came in an average of 2.57 of the qualifying races, so most of the time you had an early finish but you cannot not have a fraction of a race so it is probably best to say either the second or third qualifying race would produce the goods. There have been some comments posted on the blog about having to bet 70 points or even 121 points just to make a one point profit with FP if you follow the manual, program the FP Bot correctly or use the manual calculators provided properly its just not going to happen! Just to back it up the point’s outlay and returns are shown below for each Level: 

Level 1:  122.6 points outlay, Profit 41.79 points = ROI 34.13%

Average points outlay per day = 1.98

Level 2:  102 points outlay, Profit 35.94 points = ROI 35.12%

Average points outlay per day = 2.12

Level 3:  130.66 points’ outlay, Profit 19.54 points = ROI 14.95%

Average points outlay per day = 2.97

It can be clearly seen that the outlay especially on Levels 1 and 2 is not that high to obtain 1 point profit, it must be said that the method has safeguards built in to protect the stakes from getting out of control, the FP Bot has them built in and you can adjust them to suit your comfort zone. I personally would use Level 1 as you get more action and losses are a lot lower but as a compromise Level 2 is good as well, the author of the system use Level 3 but I think for most of us the first 2 levels would be sufficient and would provide a steady income. Just to add all profits are shown at Betfair prices and commission has been accounted for in the calculations, although in my review I showed both ISP and BF the author recommends the latter and there was slight advantage during the trial.

So downsides the FP Bot costs 35 pounds a month, but if you have time in the afternoon the system comes with manual calculators which I have used as well. If doing the manual way you need to place your bets close to the off, around 10 seconds or so, I actually set the FP Bot to place bets 5 seconds before the start time. Once again there will

be variations in results on occasions, the results on the website are to Level 3 and depending of course when you do your calculations and place your bets. Another minor issue is that it is so consistent it is a shock when there is a losing day, you tend to get complacent.

So in conclusion based on what has happened over the 12 week review period I would recommend this system and award it four stars, as I have already said it might not suit some people but if you want to earn a steady profit with not much hassle then this could be for you. I personally prefer Levels 1 and 2 if you want to keep the stakes on the lower side, but once again that is up to the individual. So if you do purchase paper trade first read the manual especially for the FP Bot make sure your settings are correct.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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