Football Lay Bets Review Week 2

Sunday 17th December 2017



Sgt Eddie Reviews  Football Lay Bets


As Paula has said in her email this has been a better week for Football Lays.

There were 20 bets with 17 of them winning giving a strike rate of 85% which is closer to the 90% quoted.

We made a profit of 9.45pts after Betfair commission.

Our bank now stands at 102.95pts.

This was a better performance in week 2 but I have a little concern with this service and that is the prices that are quoted in the emails.

The problem is that the emails are sent out the night before, and can arrive in your mail box when you are tucked up in bed, now this is no use to anyone, and when you pick up the email the next morning the prices have changed.

Sometimes this will be in your favour, but normally its not.

So I have decided to use the prices quoted, only if I get them, and if I don’t then I will use the price just before kick off.

I really don’t see the point in sending out an email at midnight with the following days bets on, and this is something that needs to be addressed. I have sent an email asking for this to be looked at and will let you know what they say next week.



Sgt Eddie Reviews Football Lay Bets