Footy Multiplier Week 11

20th April 2017



Sgt Smithy – Reviews Football Multiplier


We’re now on the penultimate week of the review. Last week, no tips were sent out nor any email of any other kind. This week was unfortunately the same. I have contacted the tipster Luke to clarify whether there is any issue with the service or sending the tips out but I’ve received no reply.

As the Footy Multiplier website is still online and taking payments, we’ll continue until next week which was due to be the end of the review anyway. I’d like to receive some kind of communication to clear up why there has been no tips but I think it’s unlikely at this point.

They are offering a free trial for a limited time only [click here for access]

[Click here to see Footy Multiplier ]

Regards, Sgt Smithy

Sgt Smithy Reviews Footy Multiplier