Golf Bet Profits – Final Review

June 14 2013

Golf Bet Profits

Sergeant Steve Reviews Golf Bet Profits

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Hi Bloggers,

Again apologies for the delayed final review. Like the tipping service I lost a bit of momentum!

Golf Bet Profits is one of many tipping services offered through BetFan via a guy named Simon Holden. Simon claims to have realised from very early on that backing in 155-160 fields was tough business but by applying individual player ratings and Course Information to his unique ratings of a player’s mental strengths and weaknesses meant he was always way ahead of the game.

All Golf Bet Profits Tips were advised with a points stake (generally 5 – 2.5 each way. The service claimed the staking points are based on a long term strategy and is very confident that it can deliver consistent long term profits by following advised stakes. Last year’s bets produced well over 200 points profit.

So in a nutshell we are subscribing to a tipping service that sends us tips via email once a week and we just back them to advised stakes. Bets are advised to a certain amount of points and I used a starting bank of 200 points for the purpose of this review and planned to run the review for 13 weeks. Unfortunately we ran out of points after week 10 and after showing some promise at the Masters, week 12 brought no more joy. I actually kept following the review until week 18 and at the end of that week the balance was -294 points.

So in the 12 week review period, there were 78 outright bets for 1 winner and 6 placegetters. 384 points were staked for a return of 224.5 points, an ROI of -41.5 in the head to head market, there were 55 bets struck for 16 winners and 4 ties, with 280 points invested for a return of 198 points. This is an ROI of -29.3 per cent.

So overall there were 133 bets with an outlay of 664 points and a return of 422.5 points, an ROI of -36.4 per cent. Sorry guys but I can only fail this one, particularly as I have informally reviewed it for an additional 6 weeks with no improvement shown.

 Start Balance:  200 points

Total P/L:   -241.5 points

Bank Wipeout 🙁

 Failed Reviews

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Sergeant Steve Reviews Golf Bet Profits