GreatBets Final Review

30th January 2017


Sgt Colin – Final Review GreatBets

 Rating: ★★★★½


GreatBets is a straightforward tipster service, offering bets on sports, primarily Horse Racing, Football and Tennis. It is operated by Martin Wilkins who describes himself as a sports enthusiast, and the service has been running since March. The service aims to provide “selections that win a lot of the time and make profit on consistent basis”.

Bets are delivered daily by email, and are posted on a members only website, which also shows past results.

It isn’t a cheap service by any measure, with monthly subscriptions of £99, although an annual subscription is reduced to £849. There was a 7 day free trial on offer, but this was discontinued due to people abusing the system.


Martin is obviously building the service, and he maintains a very hands on approach, responding to emails and the daily distribution of emails was timely and spot on. The website was also maintained promptly. So you get good customer service for your money – but was it profitable?


Starting with a 1000 point bank and using standard stakes of 10 points per bet, I monitored results from 3rd November 2016 to 28th January 2017 using a mixture of advised prices (where I can validate them) and Betfair SP. I use the latter as it is not contentious, and should over time outperform SP. Advised prices are with Best Odds Guaranteed bookies, so the results reflect this.

In short the service was profitable on all counts.

Advised prices

Opening Bank:  £1000    Staking : £5560   Gain: £760.9  Closing balance: £1760.9   ROI: 13%

Level stakes:  Opening bank 100  Stakes 360  Gain: 36.2   Closing balance 136.2  ROI: 10%

Betfair SP:

Opening Bank:  £1000    Staking : £5560   Gain: £337.4  Closing balance: £1337.4  ROI : 6%

Level stakes:  Opening bank 100  Stakes  360  Gain: 15.7  Closing balance : 115.7   ROI: 4.4%

A 32% strike rate overall, 113 winners from 360 bets.

The vast majority of bets were horse racing win bets, with occasional sports bets (football, tennis, snooker). All were profitable.

It is clear that obtaining early prices would have generated much higher profits than using SP – but advised profits are not necessarily available for long.


Clearly the service passed the trial, it was profitable and the customer service was very good. I have awarded it 4 1/2*, as it was consistently profitable, only had one bad losing run, and generally did what it promised.

My main concerns relate to the staking plans used, which tended to be related to loss recovery, rather than strength of the bet. Having said that, the maximum bet was 30 points (3x the standard), and with a third of selections winning this did generate additional profits over level stakes.

The cost of the service also means that relatively high betting stakes would have been required to make a profit using level stakes at SP (£15 per point would have been required to add value). Average daily bets are usually 3-4 but can go upto 10 selections a day but not very often, this service is not therefore for the occasional punter.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

Rating: ★★★★½

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Sgt Colin Reviews GreatBets


Admin Note
We have been contacted by Martin Wilkins that his staking plan is not a recovery staking plan and so the views expressed are Colins views and not necessarily the views of the site. I have included Martin’s comment below.


The system is not a loss recovery system and this is something I pride myself on. The stakes are 10/20 or a maximum of 30 and they are given based on strength.