Hat Trick Hero Final Review

28th July 2017






Sgt Smithy Reviews Hat Trick Hero


Product Outline

This service is run by Anthony at the Betting Gods network of tipsters. The Betting Gods network always appears to be an organised and professional business and this service appears to be no different.

Hat Trick Hero is a service that provides tips in the form of one treble bet every day for a variety of sports.

All of the tips are back selections and the odds varied between 2.11 and 8.41 over the review. They averaged at 3.81 and over 88% were between 2.11 and 5.0. Throughout the review there were 8 different sports tipped but 96% of them were from Football, Tennis and Baseball. Football featured most heavily with 130 lines whilst there were 68 for baseball and 66 in tennis.
A 30 point bank is advised and for each daily treble, a 1 point bank is advised. For me this is fairly appropriate based on the maximum losing run of 8 bets.

Selections are usually emailed out around 6pm each evening but can vary depending on when the matches begin. The emails sometimes give reasoning behind the pick and Anthony occasionally provides a brief comment on how the service is running.


A monthly subscription is £39.95 + VAT(£47.94) at the time of writing and a quarterly subscription is £99.95 + VAT(£119.94). Payment is made through Clickbank so the normal 30 day, no questions guarantee is available. This isn’t long enough to make a judgement on the potential profit of a service but it will help you to get a feel for how it’s run.

Emails, support and documentation

The emails nearly always came out with a few hours before the matches started and I found that there was plenty of time to get them on. However, it was normal for the odds to change, generally for the worse and sometimes quite quickly.
On a couple of occasions, I did contact Anthony to clarify the picks or to point out errors. I found that he was extremely helpful, honest and quick to answer or correct any issues. On one occasion Anthony offered assistance to the subscribers after a line up change. I took the opportunity to email him and he was happy to help, replying to 4 of my emails quickly, despite reportedly receiving over 100 similar queries that hour. This strikes me as a tipster who is genuinely interested in assisting the subscribers and in providing a good service.


As the service is a straightforward treble each day, it’s quick and easy to implement. With only a single bet, you only need to access a single bookmaker each day and although some lines may be tricky to find depending on the bookie, it’s a piece of cake compared to some services. The staking plan makes it even simpler to use. The daily emails were very dependable and the service from Anthony was top-notch as detailed earlier.

One of my concerns with Hat Trick Hero is the sole dependence on trebles. Primarily, betting a multiple means that all 3 lines must be placed with the same bookie. Straight away, this means that you’re very unlikely to get the best prices for each individual line. This issue with value is absolutely key and as I mentioned in the introduction, it’s imperative that all individual lines hold positive value or the bookie’s commission will be compounded.
Secondly, variance will be much higher with trebles rather than singles, although this is controlled somewhat in the service as the average line is priced close to 1.5.

A further concern was that I did have trouble attaining the advised odds at times. At one period of the review in which I was able to check the odds immediately (within minutes), I found that the odds could be up to 0.31 lower than advised. In fairness, at times it was possible to receive marginally better odds than advised but not to the same degree.

It should also be noted that a successful bettor will have accounts limited or closed. As each account is restricted, the possibility for the best possible odds are reduced and unfortunately multiple betting isn’t available on the exchanges.



Bets placed Bets won Strike rate P/L Final bank
92 29 31.52% 8.33 38.33


ROI Yield Profitability Longest losing run Longest winning run
9.05% 27.77% 13.22% 8 2

The official site from Betting Gods advertises a 47.95% ROI which is unheard of and frankly unsustainable long term. A ROI for a mixed sports tipster would be excellent at 9.05% and if it can be maintained even at this more realistic figure, the service should be taken very seriously.

When you consider that a monthly subscription will cost £39.95 + VAT(£47.94), you would need a bank of £518.00 and stakes of £17.27 to break even. With a bank of £1000 and bets at £33.33, you could expect to take away a profit of £42.56 each month after subscription fees. This could be increased with a larger bank or by taking a quarterly or lifetime subscription to reduce fees.


Profitability. Rating: ★★★½
Whilst this system will never hit the jackpot with a 200/1 outsider, we grew the bank by 27.77% over the review and I believe that the chance of steady future profits is high also.

Ease of use. Rating: ★★★★★
One bet a day to one point stakes, there couldn’t be much of a simpler service to follow.

Risk. Rating: ★★★½
There is certainly an increased level of variance in multiples over singles but this kept in check to a degree by the relatively low priced individual lines. The advised bank of 30 points shows confidence in the service but it isn’t overly conservative.

Return on investment(ROI). Rating: ★★★★
We observed a very respectable return on investment of 9.05%.

Support and documentation. Rating: ★★★★★
The daily emails were very reliable and support queries were dealed with very quickly and professionally.

Time needed to apply the system. Rating: ★★★★★
A few minutes a day to place a simple treble is all that’s needed.



Very simple and easy to implement
Enjoyable style with varied tips across multiple sports
Excellent support and very dependable emails
Steady profit made during review


Not suitable for exchanges
Advised odds are not always readily available
Advertised ROI and strike rate were nowhere near close to being replicated over 3 months
Utilisation of multiples contributes to decreased value and increased variance
High monthly fees mean a minimum bank of £1000 is essential


You could look at Hat Trick Hero and say it’s a simplified version of Anthony’s other 2 services at Betting Gods, perhaps for the beginner or casual bettor. However, a ROI of 9.05% isn’t to be sniffed at and if that level could be maintained, it would be a good addition to any bettor’s portfolio. The service should be followed further to determine it’s long-term potential profitability and to observe the advised odds in comparison to achievable odds. Variance will produce some peaks and troughs along the way but it’s done well over 90 days and I can see good potential and profits from this service so I’m giving it 4 stars.

My rating: ★★★★

Sgt Smithy Reviews Hat Trick Hero