Horse Betting Analyst Days 69 – 76

15th August 2014


Sgt Jack – Reviews Horse Betting Analyst

What was looking like a bad week turned round spectacularly with three wins on the bounce. Recommended stakes moves further into profit although level stakes are still lagging in the red. I’m on holiday next week so will be back over the bank holiday with the final results of the review. At this stage things could still very much go either way.

DateTimeMeetingHorseStakeBetRec OddsMy OddsSPRec StakesLevel Stakes
08-Aug16:10BrightonNoverre to Go6W6.56.56-6-1
09-Aug15:55RedcarLilac Lace2EW887-4-2
09-Aug19:10AyrSleeper Class8W554-8-1
13-Aug14:20SalisburyDesert Force8W2.752.753-8-1
13-Aug18:10YarmouthRosslyn Castle8W332.625162
14-Aug19:25ChepstowDeauville Dancer10W2.122101

Bank at Recommended Stakes: 279.665 pts

Bank at Level Stakes: 227.384 pts

(Starting banks 250 pts)

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Jack Reviews Horse Betting Analyst