Lay Bet Dominator – Days 33 to 41

1st November 2012

Hi, Sgt Colin here, with the updated results for Lay Bet Dominator. Have been away over the last week, but able to follow the results due to the nature of the service.

The website suggests 3 potential staking plans;

a)   fixed liabilities,  whereby whatever the odds the liability remains the same on each bet in £ terms.

b)   % liabilities, whereby the liability on each bet is a fixed % of the betting bank

c)  fixed stakes, where the profit target for each bet remains the same in £ terms. Thus the higher the odds, the higher the liability.

Having made a very poor start, could we continue the recent revival?

Day 33 – 23rd October

4 selections – 2 qualified , and neither won. A good day!

Days 34 & 35 – 24th / 25th October

5 selections, none qualified

Day 36 – 26th October

3 selections, 2 qualified. The first came last of 5, but the second won.

Day 37 – 27th October

3 selections. 1 qualifier – came 4th of 6.

Day 38 – 28th October

2 selections, 1 qualifier, which came 2nd. Using staking plan a) we are back in profit overall!

Day 39 – 29th October

6 selections, but only 2 qualified. 1 winner, one loser.

Day 40 – 30th October

3 selections, 2 qualifying. One came first at odds on, the other came 2nd.

Day 41 – 31st October.

A single selection, didn’t qualify.

Staking Plan a)  Opening Bank 100, Staked 240 Gain 0.2 Closing bank 100.2 ROI 0.1%

Staking Plan b)  Opening Bank 100, Staked 197.7 Loss 4.7 Closing bank 95.3 ROI -2.4%

Staking Plan c)  Opening Bank 100, Staked 333.3 Loss 18.9 Closing bank 81.1 ROI -5.7%

A much better week for all plans. So far the fixed profit target approach has been comfortably the least successful, with high staking levels on losing bets. Only a 56.3% hit rate, which at average laying odds of over 2.4 remains well short of what is required to be profitable.

Interestingly, laying all of the selections (irrespective of odds) would have resulted in a profit across all staking plans.

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Sgt Colin reviews Lay Bet Dominator