Lay Bet Dominator – Days 45 to 50

10th November 2012

Hi, Sgt Colin here, with the updated results for Lay Bet Dominator.

The website suggests 3 potential staking plans;

a)   fixed liabilities,  whereby whatever the odds the liability remains the same on each bet in £ terms.

b)   % liabilities, whereby the liability on each bet is a fixed % of the betting bank

c)  fixed stakes, where the profit target for each bet remains the same in £ terms. Thus the higher the odds, the higher the liability.

Having made a very poor start, we were showing signs of recovery, and were ahead on one of the staking plans. Could we keep it up and justify extending the trial period?

Day 45 – 4th November

4 selections – 3 qualified , two winners, one loser. Gains made, in touching distance of overall profitability on all staking plans

Day 46 – 5th November

1 selection today, and it won its race at short odds, so it could have been worse.

Day 47 – 6th November

1 selections, which unfortunately didn’t qualify as it finished 10th out of 11!

Day 48 – 7th November

4 selections, 2 qualified, one of which won. Further small losses.

Day 49 – 8th November

3 selections, 2 qualifying – and again 50:50 with losses overall.

Day 50 – 9th November

4 selections, 2 qualifying, and both came home first. A lousy end to a poor week.

Staking Plan a)  Opening Bank 100, Staked 330 Loss 15.2 Closing bank 84.8 ROI -4.6%

Staking Plan b)  Opening Bank 100, Staked 279.3 Loss 19.6 Closing bank 80.4 ROI -7.0%

Staking Plan c)  Opening Bank 100, Staked 456 Loss 31.2 Closing bank 68.8 ROI -6.8%

With only a week to go before we decide whether to extend the trial, this was not the time to post losses. Will need a faultless week to allow us to continue…………

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Sgt Colin reviews Lay Bet Dominator