Lay Bet Dominator – Days 51 to 58

17th November 2012

Hi, Sgt Colin here, with the updated results for Lay Bet Dominator.

The website suggests 3 potential staking plans;

a)   fixed liabilities,  whereby whatever the odds the liability remains the same on each bet in £ terms.

b)   % liabilities, whereby the liability on each bet is a fixed % of the betting bank

c)  fixed stakes, where the profit target for each bet remains the same in £ terms. Thus the higher the odds, the higher the liability.

Having made a very poor start, we were showing signs of recovery, only to slip at the start of November. Could we recover sufficiently to allow the trial to continue?

Day 51 – 10th November

5 selections – 4 qualified , three winners, one loser. Good gains made.

Day 52 – 11th November

6 selections today, only 1 qualified, and it came 2nd at odds on. A good result.

Day 53 – 12th November

3 selections, one qualified, and it came 4th. After looking a lost cause a few days ago, the trial is close to breakeven. Could we move into profit on all staking plans and continue the trial?

Day 54 – 13th November

3 selections, none were winners – unfortunately the odds were too long to qualify

Day 55 – 14th November

5 selections, 3 qualifying. The first came fourth, but the other two were winning horses. A loss on all fronts.

Day 56 – 15th November

3 selections, 2 qualifying. 1 winner one loser – losses on one staking plan, winners on 2 of the plans.

Day 57 – 16th November

2 selections, 1 qualifying, which came home first.

Day 58 – 17th November

4 selections, all of which were in the prescribed odds range. Unfortunately, two of them won, so we ended with a losing day.

Updated results

Staking Plan a)  Opening Bank 100, Staked 410 Loss 12.6 Closing bank 87.4 ROI -3.1%

Staking Plan b)  Opening Bank 100, Staked 349  Loss 19.0 Closing bank 81.0 ROI -5.5%

Staking Plan c)  Opening Bank 100, Staked 555 Loss 27.6 Closing bank 72.4 ROI -5.0%

Well the service never recovered from a truly dreadful start, and ended up losing money on all staking plans. So unfortunately that is the end of the trial, and I will be compiling a final review.

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Sgt Colin reviews Lay Bet Dominator