Lay Betting Code Final Review

13th August 2015

Lay Betting Code

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Sgt Craig – Reviews Lay Betting Code

Lay Betting Code is a horse racing lay service. The selections are emailed out at around 11:30 and it’s then simply a case of placing the bets and specifying maximum odds.

Lay Betting Code wil soon be open for new members. John has been in touch with us and asked us to promote his FREE laying report which we have been more than happy to do.

In the review period

Total number of qualifying selections – 488
Number of winning bets – 431
Number of losing bets – 57
Strike rate – 88.32%

Starting bank of 100 points

Final banks:
Level stakes: 189.12 (+89.12)
5% liability: 170.97 (+70.97)

Points staked – level stakes: 488
ROI: 18.26%
Points staked – 5% liability: 596.41
ROI: 11.90%

Longest losing run: 3
Longest winning run: 29

To recover the service cost (3 months) you would have needed to use just under £1 stakes during the trial period.


The service couldn’t be simpler to operate. There was selections most days although I did end up with a couple of days with no qualifiers where either the selection was a non runner or was above the maximum odds.


The 18.26% ROI over the review period was impressive. The strike rate was in line with the author’s expectations.


Ease of use

It’s very easy to use. The email arrived promptly each day and it’s simply a case of placing the bet specifying maximum odds of 14.00. If using 5% liability you would need to reset your liability daily otherwise you would need to follow the racing live. We have put John in contact with sporting bots and there is word that he may be offering an auto bet placement service via a bot.



I experienced very little risk to the bank, flat stakes are used and the likelihood of long losing runs seems very low.


Return on investment

As mentioned, the ROI over the review period was 18.26%, which is very good for such a low risk service.


Support and documentation

For 11 weeks of the review John didn’t have a website or members area. I am now told that the service is delivered by email with a members area for backup in case the email gets lost the selections are available within. There is also the option of a bot now once you have become a member of the tips service. I only had to contact John once after the trial started but got a very prompt reply and he was always helpful and considerate to my needs.


Time needed to apply the system

Very little time is needed to read the email and place your bets. You can place your bets anytime between receiving the email at 11:30 and the start of racing if you can’t place them straight away.



A simple, easy to use service that delivered results shown previously by the author during the review period. The author’s results over a much longer period suggest a good consistent long term ROI can be achieved with Lay Betting Code.

Our Overall [Rating:5]

Lay Betting Code is only the 4th ever service/system in 8 years to get the 5 star award. We will continue to monitor the service on an ongoing basis and will of course re-score Johns service in the future if needed.

We will be re-reviewing the 5 star rating again in March 2016 based on the results in Area 51/Tipster Index.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt Craig Reviews Lay Betting Code