Lay Betting Code Introduction

17th May 2015

Lay Betting Code


Sgt Craig Introduces Lay Betting Code

Sgt Craig here and I have been a reviewer on this site for about 18 months.

Most of my personal betting involves laying which means that this review is right up my street.

The Vendor

His name is John Houghton, he is 59 years old and resides in Scotland. John came to us asking for a review around 3 months ago and has been privately sending the tips for his service behind closed doors.

This is our usual approach for tipsters when they do not have a website or payment gateway. John explained that he wanted to prove himself on the big stage before selling his service and now after an initial behind the scenes appraisal we have decided to do a review on the blog. At the time of writing this introduction John does not have a website and the handful of members he does have have paid him via paypal directly.

The Service

(As I mentioned we have been receiving tips for 3 months and now ready to do a formal review) .

This is a review of a lay service that covers UK and Irish racing.

Profits and statistics are shown using a variety of staking plans.

For simplicity of the review I shall concentrate on level stakes and 5% liability but may try and follow some of the other staking plans if time permits.

Selections are layed using maximum odds of 14.00 but for the purposes of this review I will record all results using BSP.

There is only 1 selection per race but there won’t always be qualifiers every day.

The results claimed for Lay Betting Code have been very good.

John claims a longest losing run of 2 which is very good and in the 3 months prior to our review this was consistent with our findings. The longest winning run is 31 so I’m hoping that will be repeated during the LIVE official review period.

The results go back 7 months and show a SR of 88.32% and ROI of 16.83% (for level stakes) and 10.05% (for 5% liability) based on an average of around 160 selections a month. A level stakes profit of 187 pts for 1 pt win only and 292 pts for 5% liability is quite impressive.

Selections are sent daily by email. Simplicity is the nature of the emails. They are received at around 11:30 and contain the meeting, time, name of the horse and a note that the maximum odds are 14.00.

The time taken to place the bets is very little and all are to BSP in the win markets.

As there may not be qualifiers every day it is planned to run the review for 12 weeks. Depending on the outcome of the review we may do regular updates to results.

The cost

At this point in time John has not divulged his payment criteria.

Service requirements

Internet connection, access to emails that arrive around 11:30, ability to place bets into a funded exchange (Betfair/Betdaq/Smarkets etc.) account.

Staking plan and betting bank

The email I received when starting the review suggests a bank of 100 pts. John sent me a welcome email explaining all of the much needed info and I felt right at home with the service. I will use a 100 point bank for both level stakes and 5% liability.

Review updates

I will be starting the review tomorrow (Monday 18th) and post weekly updates hopefully on a Monday.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see Lay Betting Code]


Sgt Craig Introduces Lay Betting Code