Lay Hounds Day 56  June 20th

Hi Bloggers  

    So the last day of the review sees a winning lay for the service and a Non Bet due to being over the maximum odds, so a 0.95 points profit to end. Just a note no selections for the 19th so a Non Betting Day. Final review coming soon.

Hall Green 11:34  Caribbean Jet  2nd  33/1  = No Bet outside Maximum Odds

Hall Green  12:32  Aero Majestic 5th  6/1  (Lay Price 8.6) = + 0.95 points

Day 56  P/L = + 0.95 points

Cumulative Total = 33.49 points (Starting Bank 50 points)  

Cumulative Total using 8/1 rule of the service = 39.19 points (Starting Bank 50 points)  


RM Dave  

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