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Today brings us to the last day of the three month review for this system, which runs from 1 December to 28 February. We had two qualifying selections today, as follows:

14:50 Plumpton – Evella – Betfair SP – 1.98

14:50 Plumpton – Asturienne – Betfair SP – 3.17

The second selection won the race, meaning that the first selection did not, but that resulted in a net loss for the day for us of -£117.00 or -1.17 points. That leaves us with an overall loss for the three months of -£169.00 or -1.69 points at level stakes.

I am still in discussions with the author about the final profit or loss for the period, as I believe that he has been over deducting Betfair commission and therefore making the loss appear bigger than it should be. I will not write the final review for this system until I have nailed down the exact numbers.  It will not make a huge difference to the total, but I want to get it right. The problem relates to laying more than one horse in the same race, where one wins and the others lose. I have posted a comment on this on the website and look forward to hearing your views. I have also contacted Betfair for their answer.

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Sgt Tony