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I won’t bore you with all the reasons why this introduction is late in arriving, but I have got all the information up to date and will now be able to continue with daily updates, as I have most of my Internet problems resolved here in sunny India.

Following on from his earlier systems, Laying Summer Profits and LayingAutumn Profits, it was logical that there would have to be a Laying Winter Profits system from the author, Chris Castell. Chris claims that it is the most profitable of the three systems and has never had a losing month in the five years that it has been running. The system uses National Hunt Races for December, All Weather and National Hunt for January and National Hunt for February, so it is almost four systems in one.

Punters are offered the choice to simply buy the system for £97 and work out their own selections, or to pay a fee of £75 per month (reduced from £97) to receive the selections by email each day. For the £95 initial investment in the system, you receive the system manual in pdf format, which is clearly written and easy to follow, without all the usual ‘padding’ that many authors use. There are also 4 instructional videos on how to use the system, a tailored staking plan calculator and a video tutorial showing how to use the staking plan, complete with the fully detailed results for the last 5 years. Chris claims that the success of his seasonal systems lies in the fact that he is accounting for changing conditions throughout the year by only looking at the short term monthly or quarterly conditions. He also claims that the staking plan that he offers was able to increase the profitability of the system considerably, although we shall be using the level staking system of £100 per point for our review period. This is the one that Chris uses to record the results and he allows for the Betfair commission at 5%. On that basis, a winning £100 stake produces a profit of £95. This is the same basis that we used to review the LayingAutumn Profits system and we will only use the published Betfair SP prices, rather than the odds that Chris is able to get using his own bot.

Total profits at £100 flat stakes over the past 5 years: £19,861

Total points profit over the past 5 years: 198.61

Average monthly points profit: 13.24

Average laying odds 4.21

Average successful strike rate 84.53%

Average Selections per month over the past 5 years DECEMBER: 30  JANUARY: 17  FEBRUARY: 34

This new system started on 1 December, and uses only National Hunt races for the first month. Due to the appalling weather, there were no selections at all for the first nine days.

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