Lunchtime Profit Alert Final Review

 Lunchtime Profit Alert

Sgt Quicksilver – Reviews Lunchtime Profit Alert

28th February 2014


Hello and welcome to my final report for Lunchtime Profit Alert. 

This is a football tipping service run by Richie Forbes and costs £37 for a years worth of advices.  Selections are sent to your supplied email address without fail Friday around midday. A further selection would be sent by text message on Saturday lunch time usually around midday from his contact north of the border Hugh; consequently this selection would be a bet on Scottish football. Just for completeness the service has some season long bets 16 at the last count intended to be traded or let run to their conclusion and some fun multiple bets these have not been included in this trial .

This is a professionally run service, emails arrived promptly every Friday and SMS’s Saturday then an email Monday giving a summary of how the bets fared. Unfortunately a service is judged by its profitability and not its administration skills. 

Over 22 bets 7 won, 9 lost and 6 were void, these were ‘draw no bet’ selections so  money returned. Nearly all selections were odds on and consisted of 1/4 and 1/2 points bets. We lost 3.61 points overall.

3.61 points is not a lot but when you consider nearly all bets were odds on and the strike rate 31.8% alarm bells should start ringing. Also factor in to be making profits suggested by the headline ‘make £44, £37 or £180’ one would be staking at least £100 per selection then 3.61 points becomes a £361 loss.

Whilst this is only £37 for the year it didn’t appeal to my style of betting , I just cant get excited about betting on a 4/6 shot that I could probably find myself or my 17 year old son for that matter.

Lunchtime Profit Alert was trialled and failed here 2 or 3 years ago and unfortunately it hasn’t faired much better this time. 

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt Quicksilver Reviews Lunchtime Profit Alert