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This service is email/  SMS Text base service . The subscriber receive email one day before the race. The member could also see the selection in their member area . The email contains selection of one up to three horses that predicted the odds to shorten. In 12 weeks review only one selection per day never been two or three selection and not all day in a week have selection average 4-5 selections per week



– £17 A Month Once FREE TRIAL ends for all existing members

– £37 A Month for all members

Payment made via Paypal and credit card.

Money Back Guarantee: If there are not at least 2 ’risk-free’ winning £25 or bigger (clear profit) trades each month (based on £25 back and laystakes) and at the advised backing stakes and laying off prices (results as per spreadsheet) then members will be refunded that previous month’s subscription (£17 Oddscatcher members, £37 non-Oddscatcher members). For example: Horse backed at 4/1 (traded out at 2/1 at £25 stakes) would result in a clear £50 profit for that trade should that horse win. These trades will be based on the full results spreadsheet as shown on the site and based at £25 level stakes ‘back and lay’ bets placed during that calendar month. To qualify for a refund customers will have to email  at [email protected]

We use 3 type of lay ;

1. Under lay : It means we lay to win. If the horse win we have maximal return and if it loss we get our investment back

2. Balanced lay: It means we take advantage of either the horse win or loss . we still get small return

3. Over lay:   It means we lay to loss. If the horse loss we have maximal return and if it win we get our investment back

4. If the horse odd drift not shorten then we lay near the race start (5 minute before). Try to underlay it and catch the ISP . So it must use BOG bookmaker to minimal losses


Starting Bank was 100 points (base on 1 point back bet).  No suggested starting bank from the tipster. Base on the actual lay-bet 25 points bank is enough or £625 for £25 back bet.

After  12 Weeks:  

Under Lay: 106.95 points    ; P/L : +6.95.   If we use £25 back bet the profit should be £173.75

ROI : 2.8 %  ,  Total Investment point: 192.93 Points or £4823.25 used for back & lay bet if use £25 back bet

Balanced Lay: 112.05 points    ; P/L : +12.05  If we use £25 back bet the profit should be £301.25

ROI : 4.3 %  ,  Total Investment point: 224.03 Points or £5600.75 used for back & lay bet if use £25 back bet

Over Lay: 114.3 points    ; P/L : +14.3  If we use £25 back bet the profit should be £357.50

ROI : 4.9 %  ,  Total Investment point: 235.9 Points or £5600.75 used for back & lay bet if use £25 back bet


This service require you to standby make back bet on BOG bookmaker after the email or sms text receive (17.30 – 19.00 UK Time). The sms text is faster than email so use the phone to standby because the odds change faster. Sometimes even when the text receive the odds have shorten in the suggested BOG bookie.   After that in  next morning  at 09.30- 10.00 am make lay bet at Betfair if the odds shorten or wait for race start 5-10 minute before off for better odds to shorten or  if the the horse drift it require to lay it at 5 minutes before the race to catch the SP .

Overlay or lay the horse to loose is the best method to back-lay this service after 12 weeks it make 14.3 points profit or £357.50 if we use standard £25 for back bet. So the final profit in 12 weeks after the deduction of monthly fees £37  (assume we not a member of is £357.50- (3x £37) = £246.5 or average £82 profit per month

Not much but because this is an arb (back-lay) method the original bank is not at risk at all. No worry about loosing entire bank. Use £100 as standard then the profit will be £1430 per 12 weeks or estimated £439.66 per month after deduction of £37 monthly fee not so bad!


  • Profitability 3.5 – The profit is not much but because this is an arbing service the entire bank not at risk.
  • Ease of use 5 – Tips sent to inbox or mobile phone. Place bets. Simply simple!
  • Risk 4 – If play it correctly no risk at the bank . Just back and lay it to get an arb
  • Return on investment (ROI) 3 – The ROI is small only 4.9 % for overlay method. Still in profit!
  • Support and documentation  4– SMS text and  email were delivered in a timely fashion without any problems but sometimes the odds gone shorten in suggested BOG.
  • Time needed to apply the system 4.5– This is a tipster service so the time it takes to open or sms or an email and place the bets. later lay it at betfair to lock profit or break even

So overall  Market Movers from  gets a rating of 4 stars from me!

Our Overall [Rating:4.0]

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt Accent Reviews Market Movers