Picking Donkeys Day 55

7th December 2013 Picking Donkeys

Sgt AdrianC – Reviews Picking Donkeys


A £10 bet is placed on each of the suggestion, with 5% commision

Max lay odds 15.0


7:50 – Wolverhampton – Joohaina(IRE)  – £44



7:50 – Wolverhampton – Joohaina(IRE)  – £44


Today I lost £44 on Ultimate selections or hypothetically the same on premium selection


Cumulative Profit/Loss on Ultimate list -£1067.50 (loss) 

(Hypothetical) cumulative Profit/Loss on Premium list -£532.00 (loss) 


Cummulative Profit/Loss on Lay of the Day is -£174.50 (loss) and I have not heard anything from the list since the second successive day of loss and I had only those 2 e-mails



Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt AdrianC Reviews Picking Donkeys