Place 2 Profit – Day 70

26th March

A winning Hotshot double yesterdayday. There were two Longshot singles from the meeting at Meydan (UAE). Yesterday evening the Timeform website was reporting them as having lost but with no Place SP reported. Today the site is not showing them as having run at all! Frankly I’ve spent too long already trying to collate the info for two losing horses, so I’m leaving the odds blank.



Selection Bet Type Stake Odds Result

Selection Bet Type Stake Odds Result
1:15 JJ The Jet Plane Double 5.00 1.42 1

4:50 Dangerous Midge Single 1.00
2:45 Tawaag

1.33 3

5:35 Gitano Hernando Single 1.00

Hotshots & Longshots:

Day P/L: + 2.19 points

Cumulative P/L: + 4.28 points

Cumulative Bank (50 point start): 54.28 points

[Placepot (fun bets) cumulative P/L: -20.00 points]


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