Power Bet Pro Introduction

1st December 2016

Power Bet Pro


Sgt Cardgambit – Introduces Power Bet Pro

Me me me me:
New on the BST scene, but a long time geek to betting systems and formulas. I’ve been guilty for trying one too many unproven systems, and dare I say it created a few systems of my own that failed miserably (never went to market thankfully). As a poker player at heart I’m truly interested in finding that edge that offers that +ev we are all after. I hope you enjoy my first review on the site (and my brutal honesty).

Here we go…

Power Bet Pro
 has been running since June 2016 and is part of the Betfan group that hosts other systems and tipsters. Their website states an impressive 74,146 members at the time of writing, and from my exploration of the various systems on offer on the Betfan platform, they are meticulous about showing proofing for each system which is encouraging.

The first thing that stood out was the interesting compounded staking strategy. Dividing your betting bank balance at the start of the month by 250 to form the stake/point. i.e £1000 bank would mean a £4/point stake throughout that month, and a £2500 bank would mean a £10/point stake for that month. They have a bold claim that “Using the compounded staking plan between the 1st June 2016 and the 18th September 2016 a starting bank of £2,500 grew to a mouth watering £12,526.72!”, which I am eager to see how if the next 3 months will hold strong to this claim.

Published performace from 1 June to 30 Nov:
+ 270 points
Using a flat stakes (ROI: 49.09%)
+ 696.06 points Using the advised stakes (ROI: 35.84%,)
30.6% strike rate
Selections are uploaded to the members login area every morning
Recommended Stakes from 1 to 5 points per selection (although looking at past results, there were recommended stakes up to 11 points, this is being queried at the moment)
Suggested bets range from Win bets, E/W Bets, Dutch bets, Doubles, Trebles, Trixies

How I will be testing this system:
For the purpose of this review I will be tracking against three staking strategies over 3 months:
1) Flat stakes of £10 per bet
2) Advised stakes of £10/point
3) Compounded staking strategy with a starting bank of £2500 (£10/point) using the advised stakes.

The cost of the service:
– monthly subscription: £60.00 every 28 Day(s) inclusive of VAT(20%) for EU customers
– quarterly subscription: £120.00 every 90 Days inclusive of VAT(20%) for EU customers
Payment accepted through: Paypal (Debit/Credit card) and Skrill

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see Power Bet Pro]

Regards, Sgt Cardgambit

Sgt Cardgambit Introduces Power Bet Pro