Power Naps  Final Review Summary

11th June 2011


Power Naps

Sergeant Tommy-Reviews Power Naps


Hi Bloggers,

So another service, Power Naps, promises  ‘WINS THAT MAKE YOU JUMP OUT OF YOUR SEAT!!!’

So, did we jump out of our seats? Well no, we were more likely to jump out of the window, as Power Naps comes to an end with a total loss of  – 68.62 pts!

Not since day 66 of the trial has the service been in profit and that has been over a period of approximately 3 weeks where we have made this loss.

In fact after day 45 Power Naps was cruising along nicely at + 66 pts profit, so basically they have lost around 134 pts in the last 39 days of the review!

So in fact you could argue that for the first 66 days of the trial, it was actually doing quite well with some nice priced winners coming in. Unfortunately for Power Naps, but maybe ultimately good news for our discerning bloggers, is that the review period has shown that even excellent profits at day 45 cannot guarantee longer term profits.

Disappointingly, in my opinion, there has been a distinct shortage of feedback from the ‘full time racing enthusiast and professional bettor working with another racing expert’, as to why these tips from Power Naps have been so bad recently. In fact there has been ZERO input throughout the length of the review! I know some people prefer it that way, just get the selections and no BS, win or lose, but you would have thought that after such a spectacular crash, something would have been said?

So taking all these facts into account, I have no option but to place ‘Power Naps’ into the failed and Jailed section.


All the best,

Sgt Tommy

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Sergeant Tommy-Reviews Power Naps