Profit At The Races Final Review

August 18th 2015



Sgt David Reviews Profit At The Races

Product Outline

This is an AW only product with selections on Monday to Saturday only.

It is basically win only, the place part is optional. I would however suggest treating the place part as an extra bet rather than splitting the stake. Of course, using Betfair it is possible to use whatever ratio of win/place stake you like.

Emails arrive very early if there is no AW racing or in the unlikely event of no qualifying bets. Otherwise early to middle of the morning has been the norm.

The review would normally have been just 56 or 84 days but as this coincided with the start of the flat season, the number of AW meeting dropped as of course did the number of bets. It was thus decided to give this a fairer extended trial aiming at around 250 bets due to the potentially wide ranging odds of the bets. Eventually, I closed the review after 274 bets had produced 48 winners at a SR of 17.52%. Profit on the period was a very healthy 33.16 pts ( 12.10% ROI ) for win bets and 7.47 pts for the optional place bets.

Recommended stakes and level stakes being the same, it produced the following for the win bets.

Selections 274

Wins 48

SR 17.52%

Average BSP of winners 6.68

Win profit 33.16 pts

Place profit 7.47 pts

Recommended staking plan

 1 pt level stake win bets are recommended with the option of a further 1 pt place bet.

Start balance 500.00

Total profit    331.55

Final balance 831.55


Level stakes staking plan

Start balance 500.00

Total profit    331.55

Final balance 831.55

Subscription may not be cheap at £29.99 + £6 VAT per month but you would be likely to receive between 40 and 80 tips per month depending on the season and how much AW racing there was.

With the more consistent nature of results this does look as though it could be covered with only a small risk but would equate to needing approximately an extra £5 per tip to be staked at the current figures.

Should returns not be as hoped, there is the 60 day refund to fall back on.



Initially I was skeptical of a system whose bets could vary from backing odds on chances for a place to horses with a BSP into 3 figures for a win, with even a few at BSP 1000.

The selection process has actually changed from the methods used to show the original profit and loss figures and although disconcerting to learn of this during the review, the result has been a reduction in the number of bets, particularly those at extreme odds.

This has of course had the beneficial effect of reducing the losing sequences ( both actual and potential ) but having an effect on the overall average BSP of winners. In my opinion, the process is less volatile and therefore inherently safer.




As with any system there can be peaks and troughs, more so those using wide parameters of odds. The review started well with a profit of 48 pts after 36 tips and 65 pts after 59. A period of slight decline was then followed by the one bad run I encountered with just one winner ( BSP 3.65 ) to show for 30 bets. Profits dropped to 20 pts after 139 tips. It has hit highs of 54 and 52 since along with a recent dip to 24 before ending the review on 33.16 points profit.

If purchasing any system there is an element of luck in timing. The bigger the odds, the greater chance of joining at the wrong time so that should be borne in mind if hitting a bad run at the outset.


Ease of use

The emails themselves were clear and concise. No frills, just the meeting, time of race and name of horse. They were therefore simple to both follow and implement whether using a bot or betting manually.



As already mentioned, there is potential for a damaging losing run, maybe even two in close proximity. I’m fairly sure they could be ridden out in time but there is a risk to morale as well as cash to consider. Rating 3.


Return on Investment (ROI)

Taking into account the type of selections, the overall SR and average BSP, performance over virtually 6 months was far more consistent than I anticipated. Although not remarkable at 12.10% after commission, the ROI is quite acceptable if maintained.


Support and documentation

Documentation is minimal – that is not intended to sound detrimental. The selections are obviously purely of a systemic nature and if the system throws up a selection, it becomes a tip.

The vendor is easily contactable via email and was quite open with me about the changes to the selection process, without of course saying exactly what they were. That was in reply to the direct question/comment about the reduction in the number of big priced horses being advised and the possible problems of liquidity should a large number of followers wish to back those outsiders in the event of them being advised.


Time needed to apply the system

This is literally just the time it takes to open an email and place a few bets. That was usually 1 to 5 but I imagine it would be a lot more with multiple meetings at the height of the AW season.


Our Overall [Rating:3.5]


[Click here to see Profit At The Races]

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.


Sgt David Reviews Profit At The Races