Racing Consultants Day 55

1 Sept 2014 Racing_Consultants

Sgt David – Reviews Racing Consultants

Due to the possibly complex nature of selections I intend to categorise the bets and give overall progress reports.

Advised prices will be used as far as possible but in the event of non runners after the emails were posted then SP will be used irrespective.

Level stakes comparisons may also prove tricky but an unbiased view will be taken.

Today four win bets and two forecasts were advised. There was one winner and this resulted in a loss of 4.00 pts to advised stakes and 5.00 pts at level stakes.

Totals on the day.

Advised stakes -4.00 Level stakes -5.00

Current banks ( both 100pts starts )

Advised stakes 54.67 Level stakes 46.94

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt David Reviews Racing Consultants