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14th Sept 2014


Sgt David – Reviews Racing Consultants

Product outline

The trial was over a period of 56 days with bets comprising in the main of 1pt win or each way. There were also occasional bets of a fraction of a point on bigger priced selections as well as on a few forecasts and each way doubles / trixies.

An email will be sent with all selections. It says 11.00 a.m. but this has varied. Two did not appear ( one apparently due to technical issues ) but the info for the other could be gleaned by logging into the site.

Occasional emails will be sent the evening before racing if it is felt that a price must be taken then rather than wait.

The email is claimed to be extensive, giving reasons and prices for all tips made. That is not strictly true as logging into the web site seems to be the only way to get this information. That is not all bad news as there are other races discussed but where the selections did not make the final cut.

A suggested bank of 100pts is advised but with so many selections advised daily that does seem slightly thin for anyone rather cautious. That certainly seemed confirmed when the service had a dreadful start but at worst it lost around 50% of the bank before making a slight recovery.

The price of the advice is £29.95 per month or £199 per annum.

It is stated that the cost will be significantly more once the service is established.

Taken purely on results over the course of the trial this is expensive. However, odds quoted were generally available at the time and tended to shorten so making a profit on a back to lay basis may have been possible.

Basic facts pertaining to the bare results.

Although it was my intention to settle all bets at SP where non runners may have affected the price, there have been some occasions where it would simply have been unfair to do so as most selections genuinely started shorter than advertised when not affected by non runners. In such cases ‘ a fair estimate ‘ has been used.

Total number of bets 211 ( with non runners excluded and unmatched lays excluded )

Winning bets 37 ( including profitable each way bets )

Losing bets 174 ( including each way bets where the place return was insufficient for a profit )

Strike rate 21.26% based on above

Profit/loss to staking plan LOSS 40.58

Profit/loss to level stakes LOSS 48.31

Recommended staking plan

Start balance 100

Loss 40.58

Final balance 59.42

Level stakes staking plan

Start balance 100

Loss 48.31

Final balance 51.69

Total staked 255 to plan, approx 270 to level stakes


I genuinely feel that I caught this service at a bad time. Making a profit on the selections as advised would have required a major miracle but the info on the web site pointing to other winners was reasonable and as stated earlier , most selections started shorter affording the chance to trade or simply accept that you had value on your losing bets.

Long term the results would almost certainly be an improvement on this sample but whether that could be turned into a long term profit is another matter.

Instructions were basic so therefore easy to follow and implement although emails did tend to arrive later than stated on several occasions – something that would need to be sorted out before the earlier starting times in the winter.

Occasional in running advices were included but as most were unmatched these could be ignored if not familiar with that mode and would make very little difference to the overall results.



The trial made a loss overall, largely due to a very poor start. As starting a fortnight later would have seen a break even to recommended stakes over a much larger sample it may be unreasonable to rate this too badly. Rating 2.

Ease of use

Just slight doubts as occasional reference to the web site was required when problems arose with delivery of emails. However this found extra information not sent via email. Rating 4.


Despite the terrible start, I was certain the bad run would not or could not either continue or be a true indication of the service over a longer term. Losing 40% of the bank in the first quarter of any trial increases the risk of demise of course so the risk can not be overlooked entirely. Rating 3.

Return On Investment

A loss of 40 pts to advised stakes would represent a loss of about 16% of stakes if using recommended stakes and 18% to level stakes. The latter figure is tainted slightly as all each way trixies were advised to 1/2 pt stakes which is more realistic in this instance than full 1 pt stakes ( i.e. bet total stake is 4pts rather than 8pts ).The rating needs to reflect the facts though. Rating 1.5.

Support and documentation

Support was not called upon ( I suppose that is a good thing in itself ) and apart from a few minor errors the documentation was fine in the basic version and excellent if using the extra information available on the web site. Rating 5.

Time needed to apply the system

That depends to a point on whether the time taken checking to see whether the daily email has arrived is taken into account. Once received , placing win and each way bets would be relatively straight forward as the best odds and where to find them were stated.

All bets ( including in play ) could be set pre-racing even if it meant shuffling from bookie to exchange a couple of times. For those not adept at laying or unwilling to try, these bets could be ignored with virtually no difference to the overall integrity of the service. Rating 5.

Final thoughts

Obviously a failed service, but in my opinion not a total lost cause as they will have better times. Whether one wishes to pay those rates to prove me right or wrong…………….


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Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt David Reviews Racing Consultants