Revolution Betting Final Review

27th May 2014


Revolution Betting

Revolution Betting

Sgt Short Reviews Revolution Betting

To remind you where we started, I will begin by reproducing the introduction.

It takes a lot to get me excited these days, but this looks like an exciting service. No, not just because of the pictures on the website (attractive though they are), I am much more interested in the proofing figures, which show a very impressive curve heading almost straight upwards. Since launching at the beginning of December 2013 the Betfan proofing page shows a profit of 314.21 points up to yesterday, now that is what I call attractive.

This is a horse backing service run by Emma James, assisted by a team of quality contacts. An important distinction from most other services is that some of the selections are sent the evening before racing so that we can get the best early odds, and any updates are sent on the day. This is also a big advantage for those unable to hang around in the morning waiting to get their bets placed.

The welcome email tells us that we need a starting bank of 150 points. Each bet will be for 3 points, either 3 points to win or 1.50 points e/w. Having said that, my third email for day one told me to put 6 points on Bull and Bush (14.40 Doncaster) which I did, and as I am writing this it just won. Nothing wrong with a little flexibility.

As I mentioned above this is a Betfan service, which in my experience means excellent organisation and reliability in terms of service delivery and support. The cost is £37 + VAT (if applicable) each 28 days, or £74 + VAT (if applicable) each 90 days. I believe that all Betfan services come without any money-back guarantee.


We started with a small win, then an excellent day of over 30 points, but then disaster! Over the next seven days we had a losing run of over 95 points, prompting an apology and re-assurance from Emma that things would get back on track. This was the only time there was any comment on the results. It took only a week to recover, and after a bumpy start we have generally been continuing the upward curve mentioned in the introduction. Most of the selections are made without comment, and I learned to be a bit wary of the “Special Information” horses, who I’m sure we would have been better off without. My overall impression is that this is a steady and profitable service.


We finished on 217.56 points profit. After our wobbly start we were in profit from day 16 to the end, never going near the base line again. If we were paying monthly this advice would have cost us £133.20 (including VAT), considerably less (£88.80) if paying quarterly. We would therefore have been in profit by betting at about 60p per point. Had we been betting at a reasonable £10 per point we would have had a return of £2,175.



The selections emails arrived in instalments. Quite often there was one the night before racing, normally with 2 or 3 selections, but the time varied a lot. I mostly ignored this one, but usually found that the odds were still available the next day. Then we had the main advice around lunchtime, then we often had another one, sometimes two more with late information. On average there were around 5 selections per day. The evening email is put forward as a selling point for those that have to go out to work in the morning, but you would certainly need to do some more betting on the day to get proper use from the service. Normally Betfan services are very reliable, but during the trial they suffered a couple of problems and the emails were interrupted. This would not be an issue if you were a paying customer as you could visit the website to pick up the advice.



We are mostly betting at fairly short odds, so I do not see much danger of wiping out our 150 point starting bank. Our worst position was about 74 points down but we quickly recovered and never looked back. During the trial we made 402 bets of which 135 were winners, a strike rate of 33.58%. 



Our ROI was 217.56 points from 1,356 points staked which is 16.04%. I would call that very good.



Support is available via Betfan, but the advice is clear and I see no reason for any problems.


Our Overall Is [Rating:4.0] 

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt Short Reviews Revolution Betting