Simply The Best Summary



by SportsWorld


£75,300 profit over last two National Hunt Seasons. WOW!!!

(£100 level stakes to bookies sp).

Get ready for your best National Hunt season ever!

For years I have searched for a really effective betting method for Jump racing.

I finally found it and it’s Simply The Best!

Note From Admin

Ady Sutcliffe who you know well on the blog will be reviewing this product. Ady Gave us a great account of the Contraversial System “Bookie Demolisher” also from Sports World.

For 1 month i will now hand you over to the capable hands of Ady!

Introduction From Ady

Hi fellow bloggers and welcome to my review of Simply The Best.

To begin I would like to thank James for his fine comments about me and also for asking and in fact allowing me to conduct this review.

I’m Ady and some(in fact most) of you will know me from the Bookie Demolisher review, where I managed to find another angle into the system thus making it more profitable than it already was.

The problem with that review is that the selections were a little controversial to say the least! That was due to the fact that the system rules stated price restrictions, therefore dependant upon what time you place your bets, some of the qualifiers were in fact non-qualifiers and vice versa. Hence the fuss that was kicked up surrounding Laa Rayb.

Now this review is a little different in that there are no price restrictions. Also my own personal method of reviewing has now changed. With me being a single parent (as I was for Demolisher) my son is now at nursery meaning that I have certain time restrictions, for this reason I will be recording the results at Industry SP as stated on the sales page for Simply The Best.

I will of course also be recording the prices available at midday, but these will be for my interest and will be mentioned accordingly wherever they are applicable, but as I stated the results WILL be recorded at Industry SP.

I will also personally record the Betfair prices available at midday, basically with a view to finding that all important angle to increase profits.

For the purpose of this review all bets are 1 point win bets and I will work on something regarding the E/W profit/loss towards the end of the review.

I will be checking the midday prices with William Hill only (who are one of the online Best Odds Bookies) but these are for research purposes only and won’t be included in the results but will be mentioned where applicable for interest only.

Once you have chosen to purchase the system then it’s up to you (although strongly advised) if you decide to place your bets early with Best Odds Bookies.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review and your comments are most welcome.

Obviously I will answer your questions honestly and to the best of my ability, but please note that I will be extremely careful as to ‘Not give the system away’, in order to protect the Author.

That leaves me with just one more thing to say:

Let battle commence and here’s looking forward to some serious profits during this NH (jumps) season.



Note From Admin

Unfortunatley Simply the Best ends up in the Failed Section for this 1 month test. After speaking with Ady by email we both came to the conclusion that the system never once shown any guts to perform as suggested in the 1 month and so deserves its rank. Obviously this rank is based on only 31 days. So is not a 100% true reflection. However had the system shown signs of improvement and never finished so deep in the red we may have conteplated ranking it to be the first product in the NEUTRAL section.



Here’s Ady’s end of review summary……..

To be honest with all you bloggers I wasn’t expecting too much from this system.

Personally I think that the majority of Sportsworld products aren’t much good anyway. It seems to me that all they do is review the stats and figures from the last two or three years of racing and then produce a system based on previous results.

Looking through all the results and spreadsheets I have worked out the following stats:

45 bets (ALL win bets as stated by the author)
9 winners

which equates to a win SR of 20%, but a level stakes loss of -12.77 points

If using place only bets:

45 bets
8 placed

equalling 17.78% Place SR. The thing is that the prices have been so restrictive on the placed selections, that you would be seriously out of pocket using place only bets.

However, if you combine the two and bet both win and place (or each way), again although the prices have been short, you would have an overall SR of 37.78%

The problem is the same with any system which is based on previous results, just because trainers and jockeys have had good results in the past, you can’t guarantee that they will continue to do so.

After all, everyone can be ill or have an off day.

The selections page states that some of the trainers have had a slower start to this campaign than they normally have.

This could be for any number of reasons, Virus in the stable, bad weather not allowing trainers to get the horses working etc. the list goes on.

It could be that the system will improve over the coming months, but the sales page does state that the best results(from the last two years) have come in the first month, November.

I used to be a firm advocate of previous results giving pointers as to which races certain trainers will be aiming at, but after Bookie Demolisher and now Simply The Best, I am starting to think that it might be a good idea to throw the stats books out of the window!

Having said all that, because of the fact that the system doesn’t have minimum or maximum price requirements, then it could be possible that it does or will show profit over the course of the season, but personally I won’t be holding my breath on that.

One decent priced winner could make all the difference, but having to rely on one decent priced winner wouldn’t, in my honest opinion, be very good grounds for operating this system.

Also, due to the fact the only selections that ran well were very restrictive prices, I haven’t been able to find any of my infamous angles for finding more profits.

My opinion, for what it’s worth, not a system that I would be interested in personally, but if stats are your thing and you don’t have either the time or inclination to do all the stats research yourself (which i might add, is freely available on the internet anyway), then by all means purchase this system as all the work is done for you. You don’t even have to look for the selections yourself, it’s all done and listed on a secret webpage for you to just check and bet.

Overall evaluation: FAILED.



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