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Smart Racing Trader


Sgt Howard reviews Smart Racing Trader.

Rating 3.5 stars

Hi Bloggers,

Just to recap what Smart Racing Trader is, they are strategies from the same collaborators of All By the Book, Golden Key Method, Betfair ATM, and Pro Betfair Trader.


Smart Racing Trader currently costs £69.95,  There is no refunds or trial periods,  though this has to be the case because unlike some other betting products these are strategies with nothing tangible to return.

The strategies

Smart Racing Trader is two rule based strategies.  The rules are very straight forward and easy to follow.   Both these strategies are to be applied on UK Horse Racing only.   Although I don’t think you’ll require assistance to operate these, assistance is offered by the Author and an email address provided.   The strategies whilst very straight forward have sound logic behind them as to why they should be profitable long-term.

System 1 Smart Sequencer Trading Strategy.

This involves monitoring the first race of the day.  This strategy will produce up to four trades a day.  Some days there won’t be any trades and it is advised it involves up to a maximum of an hours work.  This strategy can only be applied on week days, no weekend or bank holiday betting.   It involves backing first and then laying to trade out. You don’t need lots of trading experience to follow this strategy.  Trading entry and exit points are clearly advised. There are video tutorials in any case showing it in action.

System 2 National Hunt Flat Trading Strategy.

As the title suggests this strategy bets on NH Flat races only.  It involves monitoring NH Flat race markets close to the off.   It involves backing first and then laying off to trade out.  It is advised up to a maximum of 30 mins will be required to follow this strategy.  This strategy can be operated on week days, weekends and bank holidays.  Trading entry and exit points are clearly advised.  Again there are video tutorials if required but it is a very simple strategy.

To operate these strategies you’ll need:

  • To be able to bet weekdays and be prepared to spend up to a maximum of an hour a day to operate both systems.
  • Have a Betfair account.

It’s also strongly advised that you have access to Trading software e.g. Fairbot, Bet Angel, Geekstoy, Bet Trader Evo etc.  For the purpose of this trial I used Evo (in turbo mode since I use this for my own trading).  The seller states they think you can use Betfair for system one but advises something like one of the above for System 2 ideally for ease.

Staking Plan and Betting Balance

There is no advised staking plan but the sales page does state you can operate this system from a fairly small betting bank.  With this strategy the exit point of your trade is clearly managed and there will never be a case when the full stake is at full risk.   With this in mind I used a 1000pt Bank with a level stake of 100pts per trade for both strategies.

So onto the results for the trial period of 84 days:

System 1 Smart Sequencer Trading Strategy:

Total bets                   42

Wins                           26

Losses                        15

Broke Even                 1

Total Points Staked    4200

Strike Rate                 61.90 %

Level Stakes staking plan:

Start Balance:     1000 pts

Total P/L:           131.47 pts

Final Balance:     1131.47 pts

System 2 National Hunt Flat Trading Strategy:

Total bets                   32

Wins                           29

Losses                        3

Broke Even                  0

Total Points Staked    3200

Strike Rate                  90.62 %

Level Stakes staking plan:

Start Balance:     1000 pts

Total P/L:           395.65 pts

Final Balance:     1395.65 pts

Below I will give you a break down of my conclusions of the Service to provide my reasoning of the overall rating.


The overall profit of 527.12pts is pretty good when you take into account there is only a one off fee of £69.95.   A point represented £1.00 so for the 84 day period I made £527.12.  I actually made significantly more because my commission rate being low, but for fairness we worked to 5% commission.  Based on my review period results representing roughly a quarter of a year (going on 21 betting days on average a month) you could expect an overall annual profit of around £2050.   I was quite conservative with my stakes in relation to my betting bank.  Because you are never risking your whole stake you could easily choose to bet 1/5th of your betting bank rather than my choice of 1/10th e.g. Bet £200 per trade from a £1000 bank or £100 per trade from a £500 bank.  In such scenarios though I would definitely use a maximum stop loss to avoid any big losses.   Here are a few examples of what the estimated profit would be for a year on my results:

£50 per trade:       £1000.00

£200 per trade:     £4140.00

£500 per trade:     £10400.00

Of course these are rough rounded up and down estimates and with any trading strategy you will never emulate the exact results of another, but in the above I have not taken into account compounding nor the option on Strategy two of operating on Saturdays and Evening racing, nor lower than 5% commission rates.

Profitability rating 3.5 out 5

Operating the service

I have found the service very easy to operate.  The rules are easy to follow but there is some subjectivity involving when a trade should be struck on strategy two.  That said I had no trouble with it perhaps being slightly more cautious than some might be, but it worked.  I would suggest though if you are going to purchase to ensure you have access to and have some knowledge of using trading software.  I would not have liked to have tried using this just from standard Betfair.  The main reasons being time is money to me and it speeds up the whole trade process significantly.  Also far easier to know when to trade, and no need to work out any trade out stakes etc.  There has been no issues for me on my stakes getting the trades matched.  You are always trading at the top end of markets which is why I put up the example of £500 per trade is this would realistically be achievable.  The downside to this service will be for some availability.  You need to be available for week day race times.  It will never take up masses of time usually less than 45mins a day.  It is a good strategy to operate alongside other methods rather than a stand alone method as you will have a number of no bet days.

Operating the service rating 3 out of 5

Return on Investment

Because this is a trading strategy and because your entire stake is never at risk, R.O.I. is in my opinion irrelevant.  It would be to dependant on what percentage of your bank you chose to stake.


The maximum loss for any one day on the review period was 9.13pts (£9.13).  There maximum profit was 46.54pts.   Neither of the betting banks dropped below minus 1% but this is partly to do with me betting 100pts of a 1000pt bank.  Still it looks a good low risk method.

Risk rating 4 out of 5

Support and Documentation.

I never had to ask for any support and found the strategies very easy to operate.

Support and Documentation rating 4 out of 5

Therefore the overall rating for Smart Racing Trader based on my conclusions averages out at 3.5 out of 5.


Sgt Howard

Sgt Howard reviewing Smart Racing Trader

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