Soccer Streaks Introduction

27th July 2014



Sgt Short – Introduces Soccer Streaks

Win Big Money backing low risk favourites.

The name alludes to the winning streaks expected by the author of this system. We will be betting on the match odds market on football. No cup, friendly or International games, but any league match will do, and I have already seen some pretty obscure ones. He has devised a checklist to select the most likely of favourites to win the game, and when you look at the list you can see why very few are chosen, and why the strike rate is over 90%. Having said that we don’t bet at very skinny odds, the minimum is 1.20.

I must admit that I’m one of those that generally can’t be bothered to bet at low odds, but this has gone a long way already towards changing my mind. When I consider that my new cash ISA currently makes 1.5% per year (I could have got 2.5% if I had locked it in for 5 years instead of 1), then making 20% in 2 hours is fabulous, as long as you realise that you will hit losers along the way which will make a large dent in your funds. The aim of Soccer Streaks is keep those losers to a minimum.

Customers buy a 17 page Guidebook, which explains the system in detail, together with a tailor-made spreadsheet to record results. This was £69.99 but has recently been reduced to £34.99. Finding selections is not too difficult, but could take a fair chunk of time. The guidebook says 10-15 minutes per day but I think you could multiply that several times for a Saturday or Sunday in the main season. To save you that most precious commodity you could pay for the VIP service, which will email the selections to you daily. This costs £9.99 per month or £79.99 per year.

There is a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

In order to make big money from low risk favourites you do of course require a staking plan, and this is one of the most aggressive I have seen yet apart from any kind of Martingale system. It suggests that you bet 1/3 of your bank on each bet, which is obviously going to move things along pretty quickly, but will also be a big reverse every time you hit a loser. My first selections email came the day after a loser, but the £60 starting bank was still up to just over £300 in 4 weeks, and this has been a very slow period for selections.

I would say that this is different to most systems in the way the bank is treated. If you started with a modest £150 bank then you would immediately be betting at £50 per match, which may seem a little excessive for some of us. Using the figures above you would be betting £100 per selection after 4 weeks. We should also consider, on the other hand, that a very short period of bad luck could blow the bank completely.

Personally I would probably look at this as a rolling bet where a proportion of the bank is used but there are funds left over for a reload if necessary. There is no advice in the manual about removing funds, although the bets (if we are lucky) will begin to get uncomfortably large. I am very interested to see how this progresses. I will start with a £60 bank and see what happens.


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Short Introduces Soccer Streaks