Soccer4mula Day 1

4th March 2014


Sgt Colin Reviews Soccer4mula

The first day of the review saw two Lucky15 bets, of 4 selections.

The first selections had only a single winner @ 5/4, and despite the loser bonus, we  lost 12.5 points.

However, we had 2 winners and a postponement from the next Bet, including a draw bet @ 3/1. 9.45 points gained, giving us a small loss on the day.

Opening Bank:   250

Stakes :  30 points

Loss:  -3.05 points

Closing Bank: 246.95

Note that 8 singles on these selections would have generated 0.8 points profit from 7 points staked.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Colin Reviews Soccer4mula