Soccer4mula Days 53 to 54

27th April 2014


Sgt Colin Reviews Soccer4mula


With a negative bank after 30 days, we were effectively “bust” – but we’ve decided to keep monitoring. We were on -148.6 points on the 24th April.

Another poor day on 25th April, again with massive odds selections, with two high priced singles (6/1 and 15/4). That’s still a 10.5 point loss (whilst singles bets would have gained 2.75 points)

and even worse on 26th, with a blank set of selections and a single winner @ 17/10. 25.6 points lost.


Opening Bank:   250

Stakes :  1575 points

Loss:  –  434.7 points

Closing Bank: -184.7 points

Note that again placing single bets on the selections made so far, with the strike rate at 32%, would have lost 58.5  points from  417 points staked. 

Only 2 more days to monitor now.

Thank you for your time

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Sgt Colin Reviews Soccer4mula