Speed Ratings – days 1 to 6


Sgt Colin reviews Speed Ratings

Two services being reviewed here – Slow Horses, layed daily and Fast Horses, backed to win / place at weekends only. We also get Fast Horse selections in the week, but these are not account bets.

Slow Horses

Started the review on 1st January, where we had 3 potential selections. Only 1 fell within the odds limits, at 9.51 Betfair SP, and it duly lost (coming third). 0.475 points gained.

2nd January – 1 selection, layed at 9.38 – came 5th. 0.95 points up to date.

3rd January – no selections

4th January – 1 selection at 5.3, coming third. 1 point staked (profit target), so cumulative winnings 1.9 points.

5th January – 3 selections. One was outside the odds limits, the second came second @ 3.7 – but the third was a winner at BSP odds of 4.1

6th January – selection was a non runner

So starting with the advised bank of 75 points, we’ve so far lost 0.25 points, ending with 74.75 points.

Fast Horses

No selections at the weekend.


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Sgt Colin reviews Speed Ratings