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Sports Betgold

Sgt Tommy- Reviews Sports Bet Gold

Sports Bet Gold

Failed – (but not all is lost completely)

Hi Bloggers,

So after so much promise shown during the trial of Sports Bet Gold and heading the ‘league table’ for several weeks, we come to the end of the 84 day review of Sports Bet Gold not quite losing our bank, but having seen one almighty collapse not dissimilar to ‘Fanny and Freddy’ !!

Now the interesting point to bear in mind is that the downfall of  Sports Bet Gold was caused for one specific reason— the horse racing selections.

Let me give you a rough idea from the figures over the last 84 days.

I have spotlighted the 3 main sporting selections being horse racing, golf and football. There were other mixed dbls and the odd darts bet but these only made up a fraction of the selections.

Horse racing  P/L  =   – 106.06 pts

Golf  P/L  =   + 39.85 pts

Football P/L  =  + 46.57 pts

So bloggers, take away the horse racing figures and your looking at a very nice profit of + 86.42 pts over the 84 day period which would obviously have been a pass for Sports Bet Gold with flying colours!

Unfortunately of course I was reviewing the total package where the majority of the selections came from horse racing.

Another definite negative for me was the amount of times I asked for explanations as to ‘bloody awful’ results for the ‘GG’S’ and had no response until around day 80 or so with the old chestnut..’worst results in 15 years’…bla bla bla…) Sorry mate, too little too late.

Customer service -zilch!

Positive note-  Just look at those golf and  footie figures!

So go home, take stock of the situation and come back with a new service concentrating on these 2 sports ONLY, brush up on your customer service skills, and then maybe we can begin to talk in more constructive tones about your product.

Alas for the moment, I have no choice but to ‘fail and jail’  Sports Bet Gold as it stands but with definite hope for any future re-inventions you may care to create.

All the best,

Sgt Tommy

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Sgt Tommy-Reviews Sports Bet Gold