Hi Constables

This is another new review for the blog, called Sports Betting Champ which is a system devised by John Morrison PHD. The author claims to have had enormous success betting on Baskeball(NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Football League(NFL), which is American Football not our own “soccer” version.

Backdated results are given on the sales pages and it does appear to be profitable over a sustained period and we are talking in years not months.

The cost of this system is $197 and it currently sits as the Number 1 rated betting product on clickbank.

For $197 what do you receive? There are 3 systems all in pdf format with detailed instructions regarding how the systems work and where you need to look for the information to place your bets.

Please note this is a one off payment and John Morrison guarantees that he will e-mail his selections for life to your inbox. Therefore you do not have to actually do any work to pick out the selections.

The author does recommend that you open up an American sportsbook account, however if you do not want to open up another betting account in the USA, Bet 365 normally have the majority of the games and odds covered at very similar prices.

As the system itself does have what are known as A B and C bets, and I will be reporting on each bet given. Due to the nature of the games, I will not be reviewing on a daily basis as selections are not given every day and at times there could be up to 7 days or more gap, between selections.

I will add the first day review shortly for the NBA games from early Saturday morning and review any MLB bets when they are given as the baseball season is just starting in the States.

My thoughts on this system are that I will commence with a £1000 bank and use small stakes, in the first instance to see how it progresses.

Sgt Philip