Sports Spread Betting Introduction

12th January 2018





Sgt Mack Introduces Sports Spread Betting


And Now for Something Completely Different is a 1971 British comedy show from Monty Python and it was John Cleese that uttered those legendary words. Why did I start this introduction off in this manner, it’s because with “Sports Spread Betting” we have something completely different. Let me explain…All through the Internet age I have always backed horses, football teams, tennis matches, cricket matches etc. etc. to either Win or Lose or in some instances like football for example to draw. But “Sports Spread Betting (SSB)” is where you are not doing either of these, you are buying or selling various things to happen across a vast amount of sports.

I am very new to this and I have been in constant contact over the past several days with the owner of SSB Max Revilo. The responses to any questions that I have sent him regarding his service, and I know Paula (Site Admin) can vouch for this, is second to none. Faultless springs to mind.

Anyway, on with the introduction to SSB as you can see from the past results since the service started on the 12th August 2017 it has made a fantastic profit of £1,860.35 and that is up to and including 26th December 2017. And all at £1 per point. Breaking this down even further and we have:

August 2017 profit £249.55

September 2017 profit £524.45

October 2017 profit £450.45

November 2017 profit £452.85

December 2017 up to the 28th profit £183.05

As you can see excellent results. Also, while I am on about Profit. I have been sent by Max since Saturday 13th January 2018 some selections and the results are as follows:

Saturday 13th January 2018 profit £87.45 but I was advised in an e-mail from Max about a cash out opportunity that had arisen from one of the selections and that was in profit at the time of £117.00 instead of the end result of £47.00 profit, so, another £70.00 can be added to that result if you took that cash out offer. Yes you can even cash out if things are going really good for you and in some instances make more profit.

Sunday 14th January 2018 saw a loss of £47.40. So, all in all a profitable weekend with either a profit of £40.05 or £110.05.

There is only one option of a subscription fee and that is £25.00 a month, but Max also gives a money back guarantee in that if you don’t make 25 points profit during the month you will be refunded in FULL. That is somebody who puts their money where their mouth is, unlike some companies or individuals that just want your money END OF.

I will be using a bank of 200 points but it is advised to use a bank of 1000 points. The 1000 points are there to ride out any potential bad days so basically dividing your starting bank by a 1000 which in this case gives the following:

1000 points divided by 1000 = £1 per point.

200 points divided by 1000 = 20 P per point (MY STARTING BANK)

I shall be commencing the review from Tuesday 16th January 2018 and they will be a Day One figure up later either this evening or tomorrow morning with Monday 15th January 2018 results. But officially it will commence tomorrow. I shall use the odds supplied by Max and also the odds that I manage to get at that time. For reviewing purposes I shall post daily or every 2 days but only the latter if some unforeseen circumstance should arise.

As always any questions then feel free to leave a comment.



Sgt Mack Reviews Sports Spread Betting