Sports World Introduction

15th September 2017

Sgt Mack Introduces Sports World

Hi everybody this is my third review for Betting System Truths and this one as a history dating back to January 2015 on their website. So, a full 2 years and 8 months of results but on closer inspection the results only date back to January 2016. I have sent the proprietor a message on their website contact form just to clarify this up. But I am very impressed with this service results and even though you only receive on average 16 tips per month they is no questioning the amount of profit that can be made by following these tips. And in the results sheet they as only been 4 losing months from the 20 months that have been posted. I will be following them and report ALL the results back here.


Tipster Street have loads of tipsters based on their “Number One Tipster Platform” and “Sports World” is one of them and it is the one that I shall be reviewing. Unlike many tipsters who send selections out in abundance these are few and far between possibly one every two days, but, on average you can expect roughly about 16 per month. The selections are on different sports as well from Football to Snooker to Rugby Union to American Football etc. Browsing through the past results shows you all the various sports that they select for their tips. All selections are sent via e-mail between the hours of 9 am to 11 am on a daily basis even if they are no selections that day.


Selections as I have previously mentioned are sent via e-mail roughly 16 per month. All the results are updated on their results link from their website and can be downloaded from a link inside the results via the “File” button located in the top left hand corner under the “Sports World” heading and this can be downloaded into one of 6 formats (Microsoft Excel, Open Document Format, PDF Document, Web Page, Comma Separated Values and Tab Separated Values).

The Staking Plan is a points system based on their selection criteria. They use a 1 point, 5 points and a 10 points betting system and a 50 point bank is recommended. Opening up of different bookmaker accounts is recommended to fully utilize their selections at the best prices quoted in the e-mails.


The following is quoted from the “Sports World” website regarding subscription costs.

“Three options are available at £14.95 per month or £29.95 per quarter. There is a 75% discount on all first month subscriptions, this means you will pay just £3.79 for your first month of tips. Why not consider our Lifetime Membership? Contact us for more information”.

Their also offer a VIP Club which includes ALL the Tipsters at one price of £59.95 per month.


I will be using a £100 starting bank which equates to the following points system….

1 point = a £2.00 bet.

5 points = a £10.00 bet.

10 points = a £20.00 bet.

I shall report from Monday 18th September 2017 on a daily basis if possible ALL the selections including the No Tips Days.

Catch you all later.


 If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I hope you enjoy the review.

Sgt Mack Reviews Sports World