TFT Gold, Silver and LTD – Week 10

Hi Bloggers,

This post includes results for two calendar weeks (19.12-1.01) as most of the major leagues have been off for awhile, except English Premier League, which brought us a bit of betting action.

Golden goal:

26.12 Liverpool v Blackburn -30 pts
27.12 Arsenal v Wolverhampton -30 pts
31.12 Man Utd v Blackburn +28.5 pts
31.12 Chelsea v Aston Villa +28.5 pts

Silver goal:

No selections.


27.12 Arsenal v Wolverhampton -30 pts



Gold  -3 pts pts
Silver  no selections
LTD  -30 pts

Overall for the week: -33 pts


Running banks:

Gold – 1154.5 pts (Starting bank – 1000 pts)
Silver – 1140 pts (Starting bank – 1000 pts)
LTD – 940.4 pts (Starting bank – 1000 pts)


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Sgt Magnifique