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9th July 1941 : British cryptologists break the secret code ( Enigma ) used by the German army to direct ground-to-air operations on the Eastern front.

Hello Bloggers,

With these results we conclude our testing of the BetPlan, unfortunately it has not gone well, after several emails with Admin we both agree there is no justification to grant an extention, I will return with the final review shortly.

4.10 Thimaar               AD 5/6 SP 8/13   Lost 

8.55 Clondaw Warrior    AD 6/4 SP 2/1  Won

3.35 Delegator            AD 11/2 SP 11/2  Lost

Won £100

Lost £100

Total £00.00

Ratchet System (1000 bank-5% Stake. Min Stake £50)

Current Bank £265.39

Tomorrows stake £50.00


Total -5

Trial Total


Staked 159

ROI -10.18%


Sergeant Karl

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