The Easy Back Method mid trial  Review Summary So Far after day 31

The system is in profit after a 31 day trial and the statistics are:

Total selections: 506

Total winning place bets: 101

Strike Rate: 19.96%

Net P/L  + 22.57 points

Longest losing run: 19 (Plus another of 16 and two of 14)

Easy Back Method is all about identifying value in the place market by selecting horses
to back for a place that have been overlooked by tipsters and are at fairly long prices
in the Racing Post forecast SP.

The author suggests three different methods for using the system.

1. Back all qualifiers for a place without any further analysis

2. Back qualifiers to win after carrying out further analysis that is explained in the manual.

3. Back qualifiers for a place after carrying out the analysis.

The analysis requires you to look at eight separate pieces of data found in the Racing
Post race cards. Once done, you can then shortlist the original selection list and decide
to back as option 2 or 3 above (or both).

However, the author clearly states that he backs ALL qualifiers for a place
without the additional analysis as he has found this to be the most consistent
method of generating profits and it is this method I adopted in the review.

The author’s selection service includes the daily ”Highlighted” selections which are 
those he believes have a strong chance of winning or placing after analysis but I have
not reported on these as win market bets.

However, you might be interested to know that during the trial period, if you had backed
ALL selections for a win, you would have made a net profit of +63.25 points.

Outright winners during the trial period included BSPs of 51.82, 45.0, 44.0, 30.0, 25.0,
18.97 and several between BSP 12-15.

So if backing for a win and place on every selection, the system would have generated
85.82 points profit after deducting 5% Betfair commission.

If you don’t have the time to find the daily selections (and often there can be as many
as 15-20 each day), you can join the selections service for £1 for the first month and then
£25 per month thereafter by subscribing to The Betting School.

The selection service also gives you free access to the author’s daily selections for his
Easy Lay Method that I reviewed favourably on my own blog earlier this year.

Cautionary Note

As there are numerous selections each day, you must be prepared for long losing runs,
especially as you will be backing unfancied horses a lot of the time. As you can see in
the statistics, the longest losing run during the trial was 19 successive selections plus
other occasions with losing runs of 14 or more. The worst outcome during the trial
so far was a loss 0f 18.31 points in a single day.

However, this was offset by at least three occasions when the net gain was 19.79 points 
or more with the highest daily net gain being 33.73 points!

Therefore you should start with a bank of at least 50 points to keep you in the game and
don’t get emotionally involved with losing runs!

Overall, this is a fun system and one guaranteed to get your pulse racing when that no
hoper priced at 30+ on Betfair romps home to win or place.

The review will continue for a further 4 – 8 weeks to then be categorised correctly

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Sgt Jon