The Evening Value Service – Introduction

The Evening Value ServiceSgt Tony Introduces The Evening Value Service

Hi All

This is the latest servce from Kieran Ward. Here are his notes:

“I’ve been running The Evening Value Service for a small group of clients since November 2011 and I’ve attached a spreadsheet with all results on it (All selections have been live proofed since the very start to and Secret Betting Club). I hope you’ll agree that the results have been impressive. Selections will be delivered to members via email along with additional access to a members site. I believe I’ve built up a great track record of customer service and that (along with profitability) is always my highest priority. Hopefully, this will ensure lots of happy, long-term customers

The cost will be £37 per month (with a £7 for first 14 days taster) or £97 for 3 months access which represents fantastic value.”

Kieran recommends using Best Odds Guaranteed Bookmakers, where possible, which is what the profit is based on.

James and Kevin have been proofing the service for us since 1 May and it has made just under 40 points profit to level stakes in that period.

If you take a look you will see how The Evening Value Service works. As the name implies, it concentrates on evening meetings Monday to Saturday (no Sunday racing). Kieran’s claim is that he can spot the value bets (where the bookies have over priced certain horses). He emails out around 10 selections a day, usually about 40 minutes before the evening racing begins. Once you have signed up, the website has a section for the latest selections, a comprehensive FAQ section and a spreadsheet showing all the results back to 16th November 2011. Since that date, up to 12th May, there have been 628 selections with 122 winners, giving a strike rate of 19.42% and a profit of 174.40 points at level stakes (a 27.77% return on turnover).

I am starting the review with effect from 1st June and will be using level stakes of £10 to represent 1 point.

Please let me know if you need any further information about the service and I look forward to testing it out on your behalf.

All the best, enjoy the long weekend

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Sgt Tony Introduces The Evening Value Service