The Football Formula Introduction

23rd November 2016


The Football Formula

Sgt Matt – Introduces The Football Formula

This is my first assignment for BST as a reviewer, so hopefully we get off to a great start with The Football Formula brought to us by

The Football formula is a tipping service where members should expect to receive 2-3 football betting tips every day from their football guru, which covers popular leagues and the more obscure leagues you possibly havent even heard of!

So what can we expect from The Football Formula?? They claim ‘The Football Formula is all about providing regular winning football tips with short losing runs and it’s why they’re one of the most popular football tipsters on the Betting Gods network’ Since its launch in April 2016 the site shows an impressive strike rate of 76.11% & ROI of 22.15%. All stakes are advised to 1pt win stakes with a starting bank of 25 points. So if you were to do £10 per point, it would equate to a profit of £699.80 to date.

The site does provide a link to show every bet placed to date to back up their impressive stats, so am really looking forward to seeing how they perform over the next few months. I will hopefully be able to provide updates 2-3 times per week regarding the results.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see The Football Formula ]

Regards, Sgt Matt

Sgt Matt Introduces The Football Formula