The Football Genius Introduction

7th January 2018




Sgt Eddie Introduces The Football Genius


Paula has asked me to take a look at a service called The Football Genius which is run by a guy called Martin Graham.

Its a straight forward betting service in which Martin sends out his best bet of the day to members and its only the one bet each day.

These bets are emailed to members each morning so there shouldn’t be any problem getting the bets on.

Martin likes to bet 10% of his bank on each bet so your bets will of course go up or down each day depending on the previous days result.

Martin states that since the 9th of October using this staking with a £100 bank it has grown to £1692 some achievement to say the least, but as we know all that means very little unless we see it perform live.

I will update each night, and lets hope that this Football Genius is exactly that.

Martin charges just £15 per month and says that if you don’t make a profit using his 10% staking then he will give you a full refund, lets hope it doesn’t come to that.

I will start to post the results on Monday 8th January.




Sgt Eddie Reviews The Football Genius